Biotechnology, cosmetology and environmental protection - these three fields of study have given us the necessary knowledge on how to start the production of natural cosmetics, where to obtain raw materials, how to combine them, and to create them in accordance with the Sustainable Development Principle.

For 17 years we have been creating cosmetic formulas under our own brand Idunn Naturals and under private lebel throughout Europe. Cosmetics based on our formulations are available in Norway, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany and Saudi Arabia.


Jolanta Raczyk - vegetarian, cat lover – she’s closed behind the glass walls of her laboratory. For 17 years creates unique recipes, juggles with raw materials, extracting from them in the right proportions what is the best. There is no raw material that she would not know everything about it, thanks to which her formulations are always safe, effective in their action, and light in consistency. Jola is like a chromatograph, she can break down any substance into its prime factors, there is no cosmetic on the market that she would not be able to say about how it was created, what effect it has, how much strength in it, and how much pure marketing. She is a dangerous force that will unravel every cosmetic secret without beaten around the bush. If you have any doubts whether the cosmetic works at all - Jola will tell you it bluntly.


Kamila Żabińska - vegetarian, dog lover - she has been a senselier for 20 years. He can find the right notes in a full range of fragrances in an unprecedented way, adjust them to the market, people and geographic places. She has deep knowledge and experience that allows her to choose unique fragrances for the cosmetics we create. She unmistakably senses the upcoming latest trends in the cosmetology industry, creating cosmetics tailored to the current times. It determines the design of Idunn Naturals products.

We are from two poles – dog lover and cat lover - we are an extraordinary team, we can only work together, we feel incomplete separately, we love the world of cosmetics and fragrances, we love nature. Each of our products contains our two hearts, we create unique products that we use ourselves every day. If you have heard about us, it is for sure only thanks to people close to you - this is our marketing - recommended by other people who love our products as much as we do.


Ela Raczyk artistic nickname KELSO - vegan, loves everything that lives, although for the love of the planet, even a disposable cup, if gets into her hands, becomes a reusable product just to save our planet. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Abrys Art Design Study, and Computer Graphics and Advertising Study, Promotion in Wrocław. Graphic artist, illustrator, black and white maniac. A draftsman of everything possible: people, animals, comics, lots of dashes and dots. She puts them on cards, wood and a computer. Her works have been exhibited many times in Sweden, Germany and Poland. With us, Ela deals with the entire graphic department, we owe her our graphic design.



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